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Ohio Hunter Smokes His First Bow Kill

Posted on January 07, 2011 by Brad Tansey

4:30 a.m. came early September 26 as I woke up to head out into the stand for the second day of Ohio’s archery season. I chugged about half a pot of coffee and gathered my gear together to head out.

When my dad and I arrived at the woods, we decided I was going to hunt a ladder stand that was set up in the early summer that was positioned between a corn field and a bedding area. He was going off to hunt a different part of the property, so both of us had a good chance at seeing some deer.

As I walked into the woods, I hear the leaves crunching in front of me. I quickly shut my flashlight off and continued to my morning set up. As I got to the stand, I could hear deer rummaging throughout the woods. I scurried to get my bow and gear pulled up. With about 45 minutes before light, I had to sit and listen to the deer all around me without being able to get any shots because of darkness.

After about 15 minutes, the footsteps walked away, and when first light came, there was not a deer in sight.

As I turning around to check out what was happening behind me, I noticed movement out the corner of my eye.

A flock of turkeys was making their way towards my stand. These turkeys made the most noise I’ve ever heard! As I watched these birds walk directly in front of me, I noticed something move behind them.

A buck had been following the flock. As I watched the buck rake his antlers in the branches, I instantly got the shakes. I was jacked up.

The buck was behind some brush about 40 yards away, and I didn’t know if he somehow walked away without me seeing him.

After what felt like an eternity, I watched the buck make his way in front of my stand. When he walked in front of a large oak tree, I pulled my PSE Nova back and stopped the buck exactly 20 yards from me. I settled my 20-yard pin behind the shoulder and squeezed the release.

The arrow cracked the buck, a little too far back, and he took off. I seen the arrow, and it looked like a liver shot.

I waited about an hour and then the hunting party and I went to look for my deer.

We found him about 200 yards from the stand. He was a 9-point buck, my first deer with a bow. He’s not a monster by any means, but he is a trophy in my book.