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Deer Faces

Posted on January 03, 2011 by JudiBabes Wheeldon

2009-2010 was an awful winter for the midwest.  Snow blanketed the ground for many days and I became antsy for the outdoors.  I’m not much for the winters in Iowa but I found a love that season that allowed me to forget the snow that covered the ground. 

I had decided to take a ride around Lake Manawa in Council Bluffs, Iowa for a scenic ride to view deer.  It’s often a past time for area residents, to drive around “the lake” to see the deer feed and play like children.  That one particular winter day, I was blessed at what I had discovered.  With my cell phone camera I took pictures of a couple deer and became amazed at what I discovered. 

After taking a moment to view each picture, it occurred to me that day that each deer has a different face.  I expressed to family and friends, with great excitement, my discovery.  I don’t know for sure if it was the winter blahs that helped me with this revelation but, I do know that I have carried with me that exciting moment, since. 

While I am not a typical “deer hunter” for the meat or sport,  I am a “deer hunter” for other reasons and feel it’s as important as any hunt.  My hunt of deer is with a new camera given to me by a deer hunter himself.  He’s the President of White Tails Unlimited in Lincoln., Nebraska.  He knew that my love of deer faces was as much part of the sport as was the hunt of your typical deer hunter. 

With that, I share the beginning of my collection of photographs taken at Lake Manawa.  Not all are facial shots but all are deer photos I have taken. 

Please visit my page on facebook called Deer by Judibabes to see the collection. 

My hope with this new found love is to use the photos to fund non-profits who feed the hungry, homeless and less fortunate.

I too, am a deer hunter.